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It all started in 2017 when our founding partners noticed exorbitant price of orthopaedic implant and instruments against perceived quality. We believe, highest attainable standard of health is fundamental ight of every human being. “What if” we elevate that standard...? Yes, we did. MEDIFIT Devices delivers world class implants with HUMANLY PRICED solutions. Since its launch, we have able to carve out leadership position in market served. We are already exporting to Europe, Latin america, Middle east, South east Asia, Africa region.


MEDIFIT is a purpose-driven, forward-thinking company that is revolutionizing the way implants are delivered and priced. We create better value for the implants being already in practice. One cannot create better solution with yesterday’s rules. Today calls for a whole new approach – to not only do what’s best for your patients clinically, but also help them along financially. It’s time to rethink your options and rise to a hope of a better world. MEDIFIT develop breakthrough products by partnering and integrating clinical insights from orthopaedic surgeons, healthcare professionals and medical academicians.

Empower human fitness globally by manufacturing world class humanly priced orthopaedic implants and instruments.

To provide smarter implant solutions which exceeds expectation of our partners, end customers by engaging best in class resources including advanced technology and highly competent zealous human resource.